How To Use

Using Activity-Tracker for LiveOncEnjoy to track your stats for your outdoor activities:

Create An Account: An account must be created to allow you to log into Activity-Tracker. This can be done from the Register area. When this step is completed continue to the login screen and sign into Activity-Tracker.

Adding Members: Before you can track anybody's active information, they must be created as members on to the system. (This allows for a single account to administrate as many members as need.) If you are the only member then simply add yourself as the only 'Member' from the 'View Members' area. If you are creating multiple members, remember that they will appear on the choose list as 'First Name' 'Last Name', therefore anybody with the same first and last name as another member should be given a Middle Initial to indicate.

Adding Equipment: In order to apply which bicycle or boat was used during the activity, the must first be added into the 'Equipment' Bicycles or Boats section. You can add equipment by choosing either 'Bicycling' or 'Paddling' and choosing 'My Bicycles' or 'My Boats' from the drop down menu and clicking 'Add New' from the table menu.

Creating Activity Data: Now that you have members and equipment to use during your activities, you can now add an activity from anywhere you have an internet connection. From the Activities menu, choose whoch activity you want to add data for and click on Track Rides, Track Paddling, or Backpacking from the options and click on 'Add New' from the table menu. Fill out all information available. (Don't worry, these can be edited later when you recieve official statistics from your ride leader or Garmin)

Viewing Activity Data: To view your data simply choose which activity your would like to see statistics for and choose 'Track' from the drop down menu. This will provide you with all of the records you provided pertaining to each particular activity. From here you can choose to view a specific record by clicking on it, printing records by choosing 'Print Preview' from the table menu, or save your records to a CSV file to export into MS Excell. You can filter or sort the data you are looking at by any field and you can selectively printer which records you want to print in either detail or table view.

If you need any help or have any questions thats need to be answered or addressed, please feel free to contact and I will try to respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for your interest in using Activity-Tracker developed for LiveOncEnjoy by Alpha Blue Technologies, LLC.