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Title: Ayurveda Boon of Nature!
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Kerala Ayurveda hospitals ( have the advantage of having the right kind of soil and equable climate which are essentially a boon of nature that promises these institutions their year round supply of plants and herbs which are required for brewing the medicines that are used to treat various diseases. People come to these hospitals from all around the world some for massaging therapy whereas others come to these centers as a last resort to cure a debilitating disease as a last resort when all other faculties of medicine would have rendered the disease incurable. According to Ayurveda it is best that a patient seeks medical advice at the first signs of the disease rather than wait for it to progress and worsen the chances of eliminating the disease in its entirety. Ayurvedic scholars give a logical explanation for each of the diagnostic methods and this is a science that has evolved from generations and dates back to beginning of the cosmic creation. Unlike other faculties of medicine Ayurveda acts by treating the body as a whole entity and it believes that it is a combination of body, mind and soul and it teaches us to adopt the rightful way of living life. The guidelines in Ayurveda suggests that one should maintain diet restrictions in life eat what is right for you and consume only that is easily digestible and keep the mind free from tension and stress. Although the food can be restricted it is difficult to control the mind from thoughts and for this relaxation techniques or yoga can be practiced to control the mind.