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Happy Holiday Updates
Posted by Kevin - 12/09/13 07:35AM - 0 Comments - About The Author, Backpacking, Cycling, Diet/Nutrition, Fitness Fanatic with Lindz, General Fitness, Health, Paddling, Rock Climbing, Running, Skiing/Snowboarding - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Happy Holidays from! is proud to announce to the purchase of new domains.  We have recently purchased the, and domains in addition to finally getting around to renewing the domain.  Be on the lookout for new and exciting things to happen over Q1-2014.  We will be implementing a new backend management system which will allow all parts of the website to be unified into a single system.  This means more updates, articles and easier access for management while us administrators are out at events and such.

Facebook connectivity will also be included which should allow users to login using their facebook credentials and link right up to the site.  2014 should be a fun and exciting year for us here at .  Please join us in the fun and show your support.  Contributors are always welcome.  We will be looking at separating out recipes and diet things into their own categories.

Running Through The Pain
Posted by Kevin - 01/04/13 02:51PM - 0 Comments - Running - 1/52/53/54/55/5

A couple of months ago, I picked up running as an alternative form of exercise when I simply don't have the time to saddle up and get out on the bike.  Of course, after taking such a long time off from running, there is a slight learning curve as well as some physical changes and issues to deal with since running in high school.  With these changes and the extended time off, there is quite a bit of pain during the rebuilding process, not just in my muscles but the joints and tendons as well.Image

A few of the causes are pretty simple to understand but less simple to avoid. Others, just take time and the recognition to not overdue it and impede my progress in the future.  Where I reside, the area is quite hilly which results in a minimum ascending run of about 200 to 500 feet for every couple of miles.  This makes it quite a bit more difficult to run a pain free and steady pace.  Intervals can be a good way to practice certain stretches of hills or flat trails and allow for maximum muscle growth and provide you with the opportunity to run in the safest sections without facing injury.

Most of my pain comes from the long time off of running and attempting to get back into it in such a hurry.  My average run is about 5k or 3+ miles, however I have noticed that when I try too hard and overdue it on a particular run, for the next few days I certainly face the consequences.  Traveling up and down stairs can be difficult on the knees and muscle soreness makes subsequent activity harder to get into comfortably.

I have been told by a few friends and experts in the field, that I simply need to stretch more before and after my runs as well as my bike rides.  I realize I do have the tenancy to be in a rush and forego the stretching altogether.  This is something I plan to focus on and remedy over the next few months and my ongoing cycling and running activities.

The cold weather does not help keep muscles warm when I am forced to stop for red lights, or passing riders/runners.  I try to counteract the intense cold with under armor base layer leggings and a base layer longer sleeve shirt covered by a favorite hoodie and active gear outer pants along with a hat and some running gloves and clear glasses. Dressing appropriately helps avoid the immediate suffering from the temperature and other elements like rain and snow.

Follow me as I stride to achieve running improvement throughout this years cycling season and leading up to it.  you can follow me on strava for my most up to date and accurate information on my courses, times and distances.

Independant Cycling Videos Worth Watching (Part 1)
Posted by Kevin - 01/04/13 01:25PM - 0 Comments - Cycling - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Here is a video that shows some real life, on the scenes action of alley-cat racing in the city.  Once started to see who the fastest messenger in town or in the world was, these recently popularized cross terrain races are for adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers who weigh the benefits of participating heavier than their own lives.

This second video is Titled 'Pedal' and is a documentary style film which enlightens the viewer on the dangers, attractions, benefits, downsides and everything you always wanted to know about NYC bike messengers.

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